Sand Painting Service for Wedding Ceremony and Special Events


The society is developing and life has become much more comfortable. Therefore, everyone wants to make their anniversaries more meaningful and beautiful. Among those special events, wedding is an important one that requires careful preparation because this is the most sacred event of a lifetime. Beside a warm and elegant place, solemn ceremony, delicious and attractive dishes, every couple wants their wedding to have the most wonderful memories and give good impression to the invited guests. Understanding this demand as well as to provide the couples with more options for their wedding, Quynh Vy Painting introduced an innovative service pack: sand painting service for wedding event.


Tranh cat ngay cuoi1


Sand painting for wedding is a two-sided painting, one with the portrait of the couples, and the other side is fulfilled by the invited guests with guidance of dedicated artists from Quynh Vy Painting. This activity will be done by all the invited guests right at the wedding venue.


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Sand painting service, with unique features, will definitely give the guests surprises and interest because they do not only participate in a party, but also have an opportunity to create a beautiful artwork together.


Tranh cat ngay cuoi2

Tranh cat ngay cuoi4

The surprises and interest of the invited guests in their first time making sand painting

This is a significant blessing for the bride and groom on their wedding as each color of sand is a message, a symbol of faith, hope, optimism, fun, etc for the guests to send to the couples on their greatest happy day.

Tranh cat ngay cuoi8

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Each color of sand is a message, a symbol of faith, hope, optimism, fun, etc

Tranh cat ngay cuoi7

Many cute spoons Quynh Vy prepared for the event

Besides, with the desire to honor the traditional values ​​of rice and make wedding more monumental, Quynh Vy Painting also created beautiful and impressive decoration area with rice paintings. The portrait rice paintings which were done meticulously by the talent artists will be meaningful gifts in these special events.





Sand paintings, rice paintings as well as gemstone paintings combined with the bouquet of fresh flowers, scented candles and beautiful decorations ... will surely help the couples create unique highlights in their wedding. With these artworks, the bride and the groom can keep romantic moments, not only at weddings but also in their other anniversaries.













At the moment, Quynh Vy Painting have been expanding this service in many cities all over Vietnam and even abroad. More attractively, with reasonable prices which have been uploaded on our website at (Click here) and special offers, esteemed customers could save maximum cost but own favorite and highly artistic products.

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Sand painting service for wedding ceremony has received many positive feedbacks from the customers in recent years. Certainly, the products and service Quynh Vy Painting especially designed for wedding day will create a wonderful wedding, and leave a good impression in the guests’ hearts.