IndiacoverYouth exchange program of the ASEAN countries with Indian youth is sponsored by Indian Government and held by the corporation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in collaboration with the ASEAN Secretariat and the ASEAN Youth Organization of each country. After going through the strict interview and selection processes hosted by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vy, PR & Marketing manager of Quynh Vy Rice Painting was honored to become one of the delegates to join this program.

More than 250 delegates from 10 ASEAN countries had the opportunity to have courtesy visit with senior Indian leaders; learn about the country, people, history, economics, society and experience Indian culture. Besides, they also could visit several typical models of economics and education as well as famous tourist spots of India; exchange culture with youth of India and ASEAN countries and contribute to enhance relations of ASEAN - India for peace, progress and prosperity.


 ASEAN Youth group visited the top companies in India

Sharing after the exchange program in India, Ms. Thuy Vy said that she was impressed by the warm hospitality of the organizing committee given to the participants. 25 excellent members represented Vietnamese youth generation had a great opportunity to visit cities including Hyderabad, Kolkata and New Delhi. In each city, the delegates were invited to the famous places such as Indian School of Business (ranked in the top 20 in the world), Tata - the largest corporation in India, ITC Group, Golkonda - an ancient Fort; especially the Taj Mahal, one of the 7 wonders of the world, which is as magnificent as a fairy palace, entirely made of white marble. Besides, the group also had an opportunity to interact with leading Indian businessmen and attend the closing ceremony of ASEAN - India Car Rally in the occasion of the 20th anniversary between India and ASEAN partnership, with the participation of heads and senior leaders from each country.


Taj Mahal - one of the wonders of the world

In the program, Thuy Vy has given many rice paintings in places the delegates visited. Choosing paintings with lotus and ao dai to bring in the journey to India, Thuy Vy hoped and believed that these iconic images of Vietnamese culture will make a big impression for the international friends and Indian entrepreneurs.




Rice painting is an impressive gift that Vietnam deligation gave to the guests of India

Thuy Vy also introduced to friends from the ASEAN about rice paintings after a special cultural exchange night of the countries. For many participants, though living in Asia with a long wet rice civilization, this is the first time they see rice paintings and meticulous processes to make a painting.Therefore, rice paintings brought great feeling to the international youth delegates about Vietnam.


Thuy Vy and a delegate of Thailand



The deligates were very excited in their first time knowing about rice painting



Rice Painting is also sincere gift that Vietnam delegation gave to the Confederation of Indian Industry

This trip has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign media such as: Thanh Nien newspaper, Vietnamese Entrepreneur magazine, Indian TV, Japan Campus magazine (Vietnamese version), etc.

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