tranhgaojapancoverHaving creativity and always trying hard to reach the purpose is the secret for Ms. Nguyen Thuy Vy, a young girl to succeed in art business with sand, rice and gemstone paintings. Among them, rice paintings are the most unique.

Repaying homeland

These days, although being much busy to prepare products for Women's Day 8/3, Thuy Vy still gave me a long interview. When knowing that I was interested to discover rice paintings, she was willing to stop herself from the chaos of work to have one more chance showing her passion with rice.

"My major in university was international relations so doing art business was really a fate" - Vy started telling me her story. At first, Vy and her sister, Nguyen Ngoc Quynh just decided to help an artist to introduce his sand paintings to the market.
However, no one knows since when fate became destiny, the sisters decided to build their own brand Quynh Vy Painting in 2009, when Vy was just a 3rd year student. With the support of sister and family, Vy was more and more confident with her decision.

Joining into business with not a hot trend product, sand painting, this young girl faced many difficulties. However, with the creation of youth, Quynh Vy Sand Painting had their first success when their products were welcomed by the customers. Later, occasionally, through a cousin who studying art, Quynh Vy found out a unique kind of painting that was made from rice.

"If succeeding, Quynh Vy Painting will be the pioneer of this unique kind of painting and this will be a chance for me to repay my hometown, Can Tho province" - she remembered her very first thought at the beginning of the biz 3 years ago. Thinking was doing, but the pioneer always meets a lot of challenges.

The first difficulty was choosing rice, because rice painting artists never use any kinds of dyeing chemical but completely keep the natural colors of rice. Some kinds of rice such as: Nep than, Huyet rong could be directly used, other kinds such as: Tam, Te, etc. must be roasted to turn them into different colors from white, yellow to light brown, dark brown, black...

The coloring step was very complicated. At first, the artists manually adjusted the fire so the color of the painting was not beautiful and the rice grains were easily broken. After many testing times, Quynh Vy artists accumulated the secret of how to create colors and store rice grains in about 7-10 years.

On the other hands, the most difficult step was meticulously putting each grain of rice on the frame and combined the light and dark colors to give a soul for the rice painting. Also, the process to convince the customers to trust in this art was a pretty hard work.


Nguyen Thuy Vy showed a visitor how to make rice paintings in Vietnam Festival 2012 in Japan.

All steps of making a rice painting are done manually. Therefore, it requires 7-10 days to complete an artwork. Some paintings even are done in a month. Successful in creating many unique paintings, Vy decided to introduce them by the main tool internet.

At first, she only posted some introduction articles on a commercial website. Later, gradually received a lot of encouragement, her own website was built up and came next a showroom located in an alley but got concern of many customers.

"Our success today has come faster that I and other members in the family have ever desired." - she said. Since starting-up time till now, Vy has got many unique products and about 30 artists for each kind of paintings. Then she was confident enough to introduce these paintings to big enterprises.

Quynh Vy Painting Company have signed many long-term supplying contracts with companies and corporations in domestic and foreign countries; thus they always have stable customer base and the business, as a result, has been developing very well and rapidly.

Bringing Vietnamese spirit to the world

Not only interested the local customers, Quynh Vy also received many orders from foreign customers because of the uniqueness and national soul in each rice painting. Up to now, many Vietnamese leaders have used Quynh Vy rice paintings as souvenirs for delegations and friends in countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Cambodia ... and many representatives of Vietnam joining the international beauty contests also preferred Quynh Vy's products.

Why did Quynh Vy have a lot of luck like that? Vy was involved closely in charitable activities. Once presenting a rice painting in a charitable auction, this new product was highly appreciated. After that, Vy received many invitations to join many more exhibitions and culture exchange programs in many countries.

In October 2012, Quynh Vy Painting Company was honored to be invited to join Entrepreneur Day 2012 in Kingdom of Cambodia. Ms. Truong My Hoa, Former Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, on behalf of Vietnam contingent, presented a souvenir to Ms. Men Sam On, Great General, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Chairman of VCFA. The souvenir was a special artwork that artists in Quynh Vy Rice Painting Company had meticulously made, which has Nha Rong wharf, a historic place of Vietnam and also the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.

Besides, rice paintings such as Vietnam Lotus, Áo Dài (traditional dress of Vietnam), the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee building, etc. were also given to the representatives of the ministries and departments in Cambodia.

Vy was very excited sharing information about Quynh Vy's paintings which have presented to people all over the world, accompanied many representatives of Vietnam in beauty contests. Vu Hoang My brought a rice painting with the image of Vietnam national flower, lotus, to Miss World 2012. Rice painting was also the gift that Quynh Vy and the organizers of Miss Sport decided for Miss Sport Vietnam 2012 - Lai Huong Thao to bring to Miss Supranational 2012 in Poland. This rice painting has the image of Vietnamese ladies wearing white Áo Dài and conical hats - a traditional dress of Vietnam.

When became Vietnam's representative in Miss Earth in November 2012, runner-up of Miss Vietnam Do Hoang Anh was given by Quynh Vy Rice Painting Company a rice painting with images of peaceful countryside in Vietnam for her to contribute to the charity auction activities within the framework of Miss Earth 2012...

Continuing to have innovation and grew over time, the business has brought Vy many things. In the previous days, she only focused on the products and how to make many more new products; nowadays, she concerns in improving the quality of services. In particular, Quynh Vy's sand painting wedding service attracted many couples.

When being asked if the study of International Relations seems a little charge cause after graduation, Thuy Vy turned into art business. "Actually, the knowledge about other countries' culture that I studied in university could help me a lot in this business. Especially, when coming to another country, the cultural understanding helped me know the special designs of the painting that I should bring along, e.g." - Vy said.

At the age of 24, Vy believes that she could do more than that. Many plans are being cherished and she will take steps to make them happen. Success in business helps this young girl feel more mature. Companionship and support from her mother, sister, brother-in-law is also the great motivation to help her more confident for the future path.

Thanh Dung

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