Vietnam Cambodia Friendship Association (VCFA) in Ho Chi Minh City in corporation with Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and Entrepreneurs’ Culture Magazine has just successfully organized Entrepreneur Day 2012 in Kingdom of Cambodia from October 04 to 07, 2012. This activity is aimed to praise the Vietnamese entrepreneurs who have had much contribution to the development of the economy of Vietnam and Cambodia, creating a bridge to promote trade of the two countries. This activity is also to celebrate the friendship year 2012 between Cambodia and Vietnam, the 45th anniversary of establishment the diplomatic relations between the two countries (1967 - 2012) and the Vietnamese Entrepreneur Day October 13.

The main focus of the Entrepreneur Day 2012 is the economic exchange forum and workshop program named "Vietnam - Cambodia Entrepreneurs in Cooperation and Development in the Situation of Recession and Integration" at Naga World convention center, Phnom Penh.


Representative of Quynh Vy Rice Painting takes photo with Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, Vice president of the HCM City People's Committee

The workshop was attended by Ms Men Sam On - Great General, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Chairman of VCFA; Mr. Thong Khon - Minister of Tourism of Cambodia; Head of the Capital City Phnom Penh Mr. Tep Chut Tema; Ms Truong My Hoa - Former Vice President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Mr. Vu Vuong Viet - Vice President VCFA (national level), Ms Nguyen Thi Hong - Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City; Dr Truong Minh Nhut -Vice President of VCFA National, Chairman of VCFA in HCM City and more than 300 entrepreneurs representing for typical businesses in Vietnam and Cambodia, including Quynh Vy Rice Painting Company. The businesses have chances to meet leaders in Cambodia Government and explore the information to promote the development and send the typical products of Vietnam to Cambodia market later on.


At the end of the workshop, Ms Truong My Hoa, on behalf of Vietnam contingent, presented a souvenir to Ms Men Sam On, Great General, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Chairman of VCFA. The souvenir is a special rice painting that artists in Quynh Vy Rice Painting Company had meticulously made, which has Nha Rong wharf, a historic place of Vietnam and also the symbol of Ho Chi Minh City.




Besides, rice paintings such as Vietnam Lotus, Áo Dài (traditional dress of Vietnam), the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, etc. were also given to the representatives of the ministries and departments in Cambodia.

The Entrepreneur Day 2012 also had many other unique and diverse programs such as Gala Dinner with the theme “Vietnam - Cambodia Warm Relationship”, visiting the Royal palace, Golden pagoda, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and laying wreath at the Vietnam Volunteer monument, etc.


At the Royal palace and Golden pagoda


Representative of Quynh Vy Rice Painting Company took photo at Angkor with other delegates

Beside the economic exchange activities, Vietnam group also visited and gave 500 gifts to the poor in Baray, Kampong Thom province. This is such a meaningful and practical activity to show warm care of entrepreneurs to unlucky people in life



Presenting gifts at Kampong Thom, hometown of Mr. Thong Khon - Minister of Tourism of Cambodia


Minister of Tourism of Cambodia guide Vietnamese entrepreneurs at his house in Kampong Thom

The Entrepreneur Day 2012 has improved the mutual, friendly and stable relationship, facilitate the economic exchange and cooperation, helped Vietnamese entrepreneurs to have more chances to discover and experience the economy, politics, culture and history of Cambodia, practice the idiom “The full leaves cover the tattered ones” in the spirit of international unity with meaningful volunteer activities. This will be the platform for cooperation and sustainable development between the two countries in the future.

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