Quynh Vy Painting Company Introduction

         Founded in 2009, Quynh Vy Painting Company specializes in paintings that emphasize Vietnamese culture: Sand Painting, Rice Painting and Gemstone Painting.

        In making sand paintings, by skillful hands and creativity, the artists in Quynh Vy Paintings has introduced hundreds of landscape, calligraphy and static object paintings and the most meticulous works are portrait painting made from natural grains of sand.


        With the aim to promote the values ​​of sand paintings widely and simulate the process of creating this unique work, Quynh Vy Paintings has introduced sand painting services for weddings and special events of individuals and companies. When customers use this service, the professional artists in Quynh Vy Paintings will guide and support you and your guests at the event. Just in 30-45 minutes, you will have a nice work created by yourself, which exists forever as a great souvenir.



        Beside sand paintings, Quynh Vy Paintings also impresses customers through gemstone paintings. Because of crafting by abundant natural sources of stone in Viet Nam, gemstone paintings could have eternal color, which not affected by the climate and could last their value with time.

       The most special kind in Quynh Vy Paintings is the rice painting. We are known as the pioneer in this field of business domestic and foreign. Quynh Vy Paintings has spent a lot of time to build and develop this unique kind of painting.

         Being well known for fabulous rice, Vietnam has become one of the biggest rice exporters. For centuries, rice is not only related to farm work of but also to the cultural life, spirit and prosperity of Vietnamese people. To promote the precious values of rice in domestic and foreign, Quynh Vy Painting Company has created paintings from rice as we think that art is the most effective way to approach high valuables. Thanks to the unique and precise, Rice painting has become a meaningful gift for everyone, especially people who love and desire to understand Vietnamese culture thoroughly by its handicraft products. We hope that you are satisfied with the information provided by Quynh Vy Paintings above and you could feel the truly beauty of this new kind of art.



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